The recent International Court of Justice verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav case saw a tussle between Indian and Pakistani Twitterati.

Former Indian cricketer, Mohammad Kaif posted a congratulatory message after the court verdict in India’s favour.

It was understandable that the whole of Pakistan would be fumed at the court’s verdict being on India’s side, but what was truly disturbing was a few Pakistani twitterati bringing Kaif’s religion into picture over the above tweet.

A few examples are :



But the remarkable fielder came up with an epic reply to run-out the rampant hate-mongers as follows:

Replying to a hate-monger Kaif reminded him of the meaning of ‘Aamir’, which means ‘full of life’.

But that wasn’t it. Kaif beautifully crafted a 3 point tweet which necessarily would have shut up all hate-mongers describing that a religion is not a single person’s property; there is no copyright over one’s name and also the greatness of our country, India.

Mohammad Kaif made it to the Indian team on the strength of his performances at the Under-19 level, where he captained the Indian team to victory in the Under-19 World Cup in 2000. Having great athletic and throwing skills, Kaif is dubbed being one of the greatest fielders of the modern game.

After a memorable career for India as a batsman, Mohammad Kaif is still shouldering the responsibility, but this time on Twitter.